Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be specific when you want something Risky!

What will two women who are best friends do to tease a man? I know that my best friend Michele and I would do just about anything. Anything that would get them all hot and bothered that is.
We had gone to Acadia National park that day, two young girls and two young guys. All of which were very close friends. One joke turned into another, then adding a sexual twist to it.
Before you know it someone is saying something and then the next person is daring you to follow through with it. Well that is what happened that day. By the time that we left sand beach we had plans of getting some beer and heading back to my place. The boys had dared us to drink while wearing out skimpiest lingerie. Of course neither one of us would ever lose a dare especially when it came to those two boys.
Once home Michelle and I went to the bedroom to change up. We thought ourselves to be very funny when we came out with our pajamas over our lingerie. We had won the bet by default. The boys had not been specific enough. Guess next time they will rethink that idea!


  1. I don't know why it's happened this semester--perhaps people reading each other's pieces and feeding off each other--but week 12 has just been a bust, and that's never been quite the case so consistently ever before. I've got to try to figure out why people want to write about topics that might seem risky but really don't have much conviction behind them.

    I'm open to comments, advice, suggestions.

  2. I actually never read other peoples until I am done with mine in fear of not being about to come up with my own thing after seeing their ideas.