Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FInal POst!

Making it Better


What makes photography great? Being able to see something more that what’s actually there. I have to have the more creative eye. It seems like over the last year there have been more and more independent photographers emerging. Competition is getting fiercer. Finding the passion in your heart to discover beauty no matter where you look is the key to an amazing photograph.
A photographer is an artist. My art is shown in many sizes and colors. I do full color, black and white and sepia tone. I take pictures of anything from still life to the action sports and anything in between.
I take a lot of pictures of people and places. Taking pictures of kids and families are my favorite. I love to do outdoor photos. The natural lighting and atmosphere make a solid photograph. Photographs bridge the gap between cultures, landscapes, and generations. There is something truly amazing with a photograph of a 90 year old man and an infant or the way the trees make a jagged line against the sky at sun set.  
A truly talented photographer must have patience. This to me is kind of funny. I have no patience on an everyday basis but the second I do a photo shoot I have more than even the most patient person.  I have to wait until the exact time to capture the shot that I am looking for. This may be the smile of a six month old baby or that deer to look you in the face. With the patience also comes the ability to be quick. To pay attention and as soon as that smile or look happen you snap quickly.
Photography is my passion. I enjoy it so much. Freezing memories and keeping them forever warms my heart and soul. Photographs are people's lives. It is making connections with the time that they lived in and whatever may be lying in the background.   Through photographs, we gain the ability to remember, and that is a powerful thing.

Ok, so because I am so passionate about photography I wanted to make this shine. I think its better but still feel like it isn’t that amazing. I am not sure why I can’t write about this. For a minute I thought maybe a person can’t write about something that they are this passionate about, but then I remembered you writing about your dogs. Anyway, It has been a great 2 semesters’. THANK YOU!

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  1. I do you honor for your gumption at returning to this piece about your passion--and I agree: it's better but there's no way you're ever going to make the writing match or even convey your passion for photography. It is hard to write about passions. Now that it's too late, I guess I'd suggest the right approach to this might be to analyze your favorite photo, describing it, what went into making it, camera issues, light, etc and then letting the piece expand from small to larger, just like that week in 162.