Sunday, April 17, 2011


What makes my photography different from the next persons? Being able to see something more that what’s actually there? I have to have the more creative eye. It seems like over the last year there have been more and more independent photographers emerging. Competition is getting fiercer. Finding the passion in your heart to discover beauty no matter where you look is the key to an amazing photograph.
Anyone can go to the store, pick out a camera, buy it and then take some photos. As a photographer I did months of research on different cameras before I bought one. I knew exactly what I want in the camera and the specifications that I expected the one that I purchased to have. The big thing for me is flash. I wanted a special flash that was a no fail flash. Sometimes with digital camera there is a lengthy delay on the flash especially right after you have taken one picture. I bought a NIKON I also bought the $200 speed light flash that hooks on to the camera. The flash is ready every time I want it to be.
A photographer is an artist therefore I am too. My art is shown in many sizes and colors. I do full color, black and white and sepia tone. I take pictures of anything from still life to the action sports and anything in between. I take pictures of people and places. Taking pictures of kids and families are my favorite. I love to do outdoor photos. The natural lighting and atmosphere make a solid photograph. I take pictures of everything. Ninety nine percent of the time if you see me, there is a camera attached.  A great photographer can take a picture of absolutely nothing and it becomes a master piece. I have won many awards at the local fairs for my work. My art has become a show piece or a memory. Photographs are something to cherish and as a photographer, I know that.
When I take a picture, I automatically center things. I take time to focus, make sure my flash has fresh batteries and can do all that within seconds. I want every photo to be perfect. Each photo can be perfect in its own unique way.
On a road on the out skirts of town sits a little old shack. People pass by it constantly. One time some old ladies that lived near buy decorated it a little. They put up curtains where the windows were broke out and fake flowers in the window boxes that were dangling in the wind. Some old wicker chairs were placed outside the door that was in as bad of shape as the little house, but it looked perfect.
As a photographer I passed by one day and decided to take some pictures. They came out beautifully. They were entered in contest and photo shows and won first place. This is simple beauty seen within the eyes of an artist. This is the ability to observe in a creative way. I have had several people and members of our family ask for copies to hang in their home.
A truly talented photographer must have patience. This to me is kind of funny. I have no patience on an everyday basis but the second I do a photo shoot I have more than even the most patient person.  I have to wait until the exact time to capture the shot that I am looking for. This may be the smile of a six month old baby or that deer to look you in the face. With the patience also comes the ability to be quick. To pay attention and as soon as that smile or look happen you snap quickly.
Photography is people's lives stirring or mixing with their world that surrounds them.  It is making connections.  Photographs bridge the gap between cultures, landscapes, and generations. There is something truly amazing with a photograph of a 90 year old man and an infant or the way the trees make a jagged line against the sky at sun set.  Each photographer adds something different. Through photographs, we gain the ability to remember, and that is a powerful thing.
Photography is my passion. I enjoy it so much. Freezing memories and keeping them forever warms my heart and soul, plus I think I am really good at it!

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  1. This was the first piece I opened and read this morning, and it winds up being the last piece I'm commenting on. I've been thinking about it for 6 hours or more.

    It has a lot of good stuff in it--graf 7 is particularly good. But over all, it is a little scattered, a little random, a little unfocused (if I can say that to a photographer), a little here and there, a little can't-decide-between-you-and I.