Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my book

Where the Heart IS
Written By Billie Letts
 Novalee Nations was left at a Wal-Mart by her mean and uncaring boyfriend. She was seven months pregnant and had only $7.77. Seven had always been her unlucky number. So when the cashier told her that $7.77 was her change she knew something was wrong and she ran to the parking lot to find that her boyfriend has left her abandoned.
With no money and no friends in a strange town she stayed at the Wal-Mart. Perhaps she hoped that her no good boyfriend would return. She hid in closets during closing time and slept in sleeping bags. She even ate their food until one night she woke up in labor.
When Wal-Mart found out her story they didn’t punish her. Instead they reached out to her and gave her a job. They never asked to be paid back for all that she had used. During this time she had met some local people who have heartfelt stories of their own and who reached out to her with kindness and love.
This story is an intriguing tale of someone who is left in a desperate situation and finds support, encouragement and love from local people who are far from selfish. The characters are humorous, mysterious and very easy to relate to.
This is one of those novels that you can read over and over again and never get sick of it.  Your mind begins seeking new visions as you read along their life’s hardships and triumphs. This book is written so well that you really can visualize it.


  1. I think that the intro writer who reveals a lot of plot points and offers spoilers will get no thanks from author or publisher....

    That said, what I really think is missing here in the the connection between the book and you--a guess as to why this story speaks to you so loudly and clearly; what about it grabs your mind and heart. Does it mirror or mimic your feelings of being alone? Are you too into numbers, lucky and unlucky? Have you ever worked at Walmart? Do you admire the heroine for her spunk and see yourself as spunky or admire her because you don't have spunk? Or what?

  2. I connected to the book because of feelings from abandonment from a long ter boyfriend who just all the sudden decided to move to florida. IT grabbed my heart because of the strengh she had which I feel that I have lacked and the kindness of a loving community which I believe that I have a loving supportive ciommunity surrounding myself.

  3. Great--that would have been reasonable material to develop and include in the intro.

  4. Sorry for all the spelling errors when I just re read that! YIKES!!!