Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interstate 95 Secrets

Interstate 95 Secrets
It was a sun shining morning. Early around 7 am. I was the passenger of a F150 bouncing down the highway. My husband was driving and my two children buckled in the back. The DVD player was playing Kung Fu Panda and the kids were content.
The quiet was very enjoyable and I sipped on my coffee. Dunkin Donuts coffee is simply the best, but it never tastes the same if you try to make it at home. My husband listened to country music on the radio very softly trying not to bother the kids watching their movie.
I was in my own little world, as a mother time to even think happens seldom. I couldn’t tell you what they were saying on the movie or what song was on the radio. I just gazed out the window. I counted bottles and cans for a while thinking I wish I had all of those. The money added up so quickly and the amount of garbage that had been exposed from the recent snow melt looked horrible. The road crew sure had some work cut out for them.
I looked at every building and in the ditch. I saw what looked like a dead road worker laying down there. It was in fact when I got closer, a garbage bag with an orange piece of plastic that had flown up against the bag making it look like a flagger vest. “Phew” I thought. It made my heart race at first glance.
Fifty miles down the road or so I saw something else disturbing. It was a decaying large deer. I wondered how long it had been there. Was it hit by a car or by a snow plow? The deer no longer looked brown it looked light grey almost white. I wondered if it really had been as large as it appeared today or if it has soaked up water from the snow that laid on top of it for weeks or maybe months. The vision stayed it my mind for miles past that deer. I felt many emotions about it. Disgust because it just looked gross, sadness for the loss of a beautiful creature and anger that it was just left there to waste.
As I passed by the many papers that were flying through the breeze I wondered what they said. What information was on those papers? Were they bills with social security numbers, receipts with credit card numbers or maybe just plain old trash? Maybe it was people mail that had their names and addresses on them. This is a risky thing these days to just let fly around the world. The possibility of any personal information landing in the wrong hands is too high for me to let my trash fly.
Along the interstate there are some homes that were built too close in my opinion. Or perhaps the interstate was put too close to those houses. Either way I wouldn’t want to live that close to a busy loud road like that. In my opinion neither would that man that I witnessed standing in his back yard.
I can still see him plain as day. It was a chilly morning the temperature only read about 46 degrees. He stood outside of his back door. His hair was to his shoulders and kind of wavy like. It looked messy but it blew in the wind so it was hard to really tell if it has been brushed or not. He has scruffy facial hair not really long but not trimmed and taken care of. He held a cigarette in his mouth without using his hands. His hands were both busy holding his man parts as he relieved himself. I could even see the stream of urine that his was passing as he stood there bare assed naked.
This totally shocked me. I couldn’t believe that he would stand there naked in the cold for all the people on the interstate to see. Things like this really make you wonder what a person is thinking, or if they are even thinking at all. Was he still drunk from the night before? Maybe he was on drugs. Whatever it was I will never know the answers to any of the secrets of the interstate and the land surrounding it. I just happened to get a glimpse into someone else’s life for those 10 seconds that he was in my vision as I passed.
It amazing what small things can be seen on a peaceful ride. When a person opens their eyes and just looks around, they see so much when they are not really looking for anything but seeing everything.


  1. I enjoyed this a lot--did I see it in another or earlier version and encourage you to rework it? Seems familiar.

    In any case, it's a clever idea for a speculative piece, it's a strong way to turn a serial list into an essay, it's visual, it gives a portrait of the writer--it's a possible submission to the Eyrie, if you're interested.

  2. Nope I just wrote this one after it happen the other day.. It was an interesting ride and just wanted to write it.. hoped that it would fit in somewhere lol!!

    How to I send it to the Eyrie?


    Go here, fill it out, attach this essay, and email the whole package to me!