Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Place

Her room remains the same. Every toy is in its place. Her Disney princes bedding all made up waiting for her to return. The bright pink walls give even the dullest items a pink glow.
On top of her dresser were three different crowns. One was from Burger King it was made of cardboard but she treated it like gold. The second one was silver painted plastic with fake diamonds all over it, she was always determined that they were real and not fake. The third one was made of aluminum foil and glued on Gems, her favorite one that he mother and her made together.
The porcelain dolls were still on the highest shelf in her room. She never got a chance to play with them. Their beautiful glass faces with painted on blush and satin dresses made them appear so fancy. Her mother kept them up high because she was afraid that her daughter would break them and either get hurt or be so devastated that they were broken that she would cry for a week.
The next shelf down held all of her books, besides the two that her mother read her every night.  Goodnight Moon and her Winnie the Pooh book still lay neatly on her pillow awaiting her return. These two books that he mother surly will never be able to read again.
Her doll house was still in the corner by the window. The sun shinned brightly upon it like an angel peaking through the window. Each tiny piece of furniture was where she had last placed them. Some of the dolls still stood up in side and others she had placed on the floor. Sometimes he mother will still stand in the door way imagining that she was still there playing with it as she had for hours the night before the car accident.

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  1. The description of a girl's room frozen in time--all the careful detailing of books, toys, accessories, works very well and pushing the material to what the reader knows is its inevitable conclusion is handled very tactfully.