Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The lonely one.

I lay there in my bed unable to sleep. I listen to the rain. I can hear so many different tones. I can hear the rumbling sound of it hitting the rooftop of our home and the more hallow sound of the rain hitting the driveway. I can almost hear each drop fall between the pieces of gravel.
Where is he? I wondered as I looked over at the alarm clock. I hope that he is ok. There is a lot of rain on the road. Why isn’t he answering his phone though? That’s odd.
As my mind became to wonder and my heart began to race I started thinking about why he hadn’t gotten home yet. We have been arguing a lot lately and the stress level has been high. Maybe he is with another woman. Would he do that?
I twisted and turned trying to get comfortable. The bed seemed cold and lumpy. It felt the complete opposite of my always wonderful fluffy comforting retreat. I thought I could hear a car coming up the dirt road. I jumped up to look out the window. Was that him? No it was a police car pulling in the driveway.


  1. I keep worrying that a piece like this strays into fiction--I know police cars exist and I know they pull into driveways and I know their drivers often deliver bad news.

    Is that what happened? If so, this is fine vignette material. If not, well, don't feel that the writing needs extra drama. A woman unable to sleep with worry is all the reader needs.

  2. It did happen was nothing to do with him though lol....but it worked!