Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Furry Personalities

She wakes up in the morning with the cutes little whine. That little whimper that she makes lets her owner know that they must get up now too. The owner rolls out of bed and stumbles to the door.

She sees the crack of light by the door and her tail wags fast. She begins digging on the floor like spinning tires in a race. As soon as the door opens enough for her to get he little body out she bolts.

She stops dead in her tracks. What is this white stuff she wonders she had never seen this before. Her owner gives her a little push and closes the door.

Where is my ball she wondered as she bounced and tip toed through the snow. She couldn't find her usual bathroom spot. Nothing smelled the same.

With her nose buried deeply looking for her spot she realized that this cold white stuff was kind of fun. It moved and made little balls for her to chase. It was never ending fun.

She ran and chased. She dug holes and rolled in the snow. This stuff that seemed scary at first had become a joy to this pup.

Her owner opened the door and called her in. She did not want to go. She was having too much fun. She knew that she had better obey so she bolted for the door. Upon arrival inside she was a little unhappy what was stuck underneath her belly. Snowballs she jumped and twisted and scratched and bit at herself until they were melted. Alot of fun for her owner to watch but not so fun for her.

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  1. http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2010/12/mental-health-break-6.html

    Check it out!

    We got a dog a few months ago who spent this first 14 years in South Carolina. He was totally weirded out Monday and is still wandering around wondering where his favorite pooping spot has disappeared to....

    I like your piece, the consistent tone, the specific observation, the control of the material.