Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 13

He started off so tiny just a little peanut swimming around in amniotic fluid. He knew no one. Many knew him. Many loved him already and were eagerly awaiting his arrival.
From a tiny little peanut to 7lbs and 11oz. He was 21 ½ inches long. He was handsome. His mother held him all day long. She never expected to have his. She cherished his exsistance.
They celebrated his first birthday with a clown, friends and family. HE was almost walking. He was now 22lbs and learning something new every day. His spontenous words are now making sentances. Boy how he has grown.
On his second birthday they went to an activity center. He could climb and run now. What a beautiful boy he is becoming. Weighing 31lbs now and taller than ever. Time goes by fast cherish the moments.
His third birthday was spent at a different activity center. This activity center is a bigger one where you could almost climb to the sky. He had a baby sister now and what a good big brother he was.
His fourth birthday he is no longer a toddler but a strong handsome boy. He weighs 46 lbs now and shared his birthday party with his sister who was turning one 25 days after his turning of 4.
He went from a tiny little peanut to a strapping young lad. He grew physically and mentally. What a beautiful sight it is.

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  1. Someone you know?


    I like the progression and the parallelism between grafs and from year to year, and I like the specifics you choose to deliver. Works for me.