Friday, December 3, 2010

Journal Prep #3

Got the 36 candy canes for the Christmas party. Hope that covers the kids. I think that there will only be about 28. Its weird that I have turned this years party into a donation party for Christmas is for families and seems like people are less interested in attending. I hope that's not really true. I keep worrying that we wont get much donations. Why does that worry me? Anything that we do get will help that many more kids that wouldn't have had help before and I am proud to do so. I know that between my mom and I that at least 6 families will have new board games to play.
I went to walmart yesterday to pick up the pictures for the collage gifts for my sisters. Goal for tonight to get them into the frames. Second goal for tonight find someone to pick up the subway sub and bring it to the church for the party!
Finally got the delivery of party goods that I had ordered. I opened it up and there was the Christmas tattoos, the picture thing where you stick your heads in the hole and look like either Santa or Mr. Clause. :) The craft sticker scenes...OH NO!!! there are no ornament craft kits :(... Called the company they will overnight them to me.. THANK GOODNESS!!!

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