Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear Journal,

UGH! That about sums up the last few days of my life. Saturday afternoon, my four year old son decided that he wanted to ride his dirt bike. He has been riding for a year and a half now. He got stuck and was trying to move his little 50cc bike. He gave it the gas and it tripped him up landing his belly on the Exhaust. We rushed him to the hospital. He has a 2nd degree burn  about two inches tall and 4 inches long. I looked awful and he was in pain. Holding a boy down to get an IV was not fun. However he felt much better after he had morphine. Hours later we were able to take him home, but had to return early in the morning. He is doing good Thank GOD!!! We have to go back again tomorrow to see how to treat it next. If ever a person feels numb to their emotions, they get a huge wake up call when something happens to their child. I swear i could feel his pain. I cried as many tears as he did. Seeing him go through this tore me apart, but also reminded me of how very much I love my children, they are my heart and soul!

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  1. "However he felt much better after he had morphine"

    That certainly has been MY ER experience!