Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 3

You see a living room that is lived in. Toys are scattered from one side of the room to the other. There are normal items that would be found in any living room. There is a TV, couch, coffee table and a recliner. The toys have taken over. There are blocks her and there and matchbox’s. Barbie’s and stuffed animals peaking out for everywhere.

“MINE!!!” Anna said to her brother
“NO, it’s MINE” Andy said back to her
“NO NO MINE” Anna continued her fight
“MOOOOOOOOOOOM, Anna is taking my toys” whining that fake whine Andy yelled to me
“Adrianna may are you taking brothers toys” I asked nicely
“Ya Ya Ya” she said shaking her head faster than the words were coming out
“Andy, when she tries to take your toy, tell her that you are playing with it right now, then try passing her something else, watch.”
“Anna, Andy is using that right now, how about you play with this”
“NO!” Anna said

Just then the Strawberry shortcake doll flew through the air and bonked me right in the head!
“OH no no no Anna that’s not nice, we don’t throw toys.” I said
Andy laughed
Just then she picked up a big blue plastic block held it up over her head like she was going to throw it at me.
“Anna let’s play with them not throw them” I said as I sat down to gather more blocks to build a colorful tower.
“NO mine” she said and calmly sat down and began to build.
I guess a lesson was learned. She found something to do instead of taking toys from her brother. Not the exact lesson that I was going for, but still one none the less!

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  1. We get a scene, we get sibling violence, we get greed, we get a hopeful mediator, we get a cast of thousands, er, three--this could be Northern Ireland, Palestine, Serbia, Iraq...but it's your house! Works for me.