Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2 theme

After the kids go to bed I finally have a minute to myself. I sit down in the recliner with the remote in my hand. I turn on the TV and watch the news that I had taped with the DVR. What happen today I wondered?

When it comes to watching the news a lot of the stuff they talk about does not interest me. It either scares me or is way over my head. What get my attention are the medical debates on healthcare. I can’t help but wonder if the economy had been this bad six years ago would I have got the medical help that I had needed?

I was born into this world a big girl. Almost 9 lbs and tall as can be. When I started kindergarten I towered over the other kids and was almost as big at the teacher. Life as an obese child was hard, but I had a good attitude and didn’t take crap from anyone.

Middle School was ok I was encouraged to play basketball because I was so tall so I tried out and made the team. I was excited as both my sisters had played and I was a starting center. Practice was hard. The amount of running we had to do I was unable to keep up.

High School was ok but I gained more weight. I couldn’t wear jeans. I had to wear stretchy pants all the time. I had tons of friends. I also had a boyfriend for over a year, until he moved away. I went to the senior prom and had a great time.

After graduating I went on to college. I dropped out at the end of the first semester. I wasn’t doing god with my grades. My now husband was home begging me to come visit every chance I got.

When I returned home over a period of 9 years I gained about 200lbs. All on the news were people taking about weight loss surgery. This sparked my interest. This was something that I wanted to listen to on the news.

I talked with my doctor and began the long process required by the insurance company. Six months later I lay in the hospital bed after surgery. I had made it through. It’s a very risky surgery.

So as I sit here watching the news and listening to the debates on healthcare. I am glad I got the chance to be helped before they make any more cuts. Down 250lbs and two kids later after I had been told I could have children because of my weight I am much happier.


  1. Interesting idea--following your history through your physical changes and linking the present economy to your medical issues. That is you in the wider world, isn't it?


    The piece moves through material chronologically, everything balanced--not too much, not too little--and never bogs down. You use the close to link back to the opening.

    Works for me!

  2. It was a very hard one for me to write! It was the only thing that I could come up with that seemed even close to what you were asking for!